Kakampink launches online petition for new political party

Updated: May 3, 2022, 12:33 P.M.




Mila Magno started this petition

Dear VP Robredo and Sen. Pangilinan:

Your ‘Gobyernong Tapat, Angat Buhay Lahat’ slogan struck a chord in the hearts of millions of Filipinos in the recently concluded Philippine national election, especially among the young.

Your platform of inclusive governance, effective pandemic response, job creation, holistic approach to the drug problem, human rights, expanded education funding, and social safety nets resonated well with voters.

Your promise of clean and honest governance, pagmamahal, compassion, and caring for all members of society, especially the less privileged, awakened and inspired the youth to become not only more politically engaged but also more compassionate, as manifested by their selfless volunteerism and countless charitable acts during the campaign, and which became characterized as the Pink Movement.

Inspired by you, Kakampinks nationwide and globally rose to embrace your ideals and adopted them as the guiding principles of the Pink Movement.

We, the signers of this Petition, believe that it is essential for the Pink Movement to have a vehicle for continuing to live up to these ideals and actively participate in the nation’s political life, in tandem with the Angat Buhay Foundation that has already been proposed.

We believe that the Pink Movement can be expanded as an effective agent of change by being organized as a national political party that is mass-based and highly participatory, and that will seek to transform governance from the community level up.  The party will be the foundation for honing a new generation of political leaders and public servants who are genuinely committed to the party’s ideals and platforms, and adept at working for the good of our country at both the LGU and national levels.

We believe, based on the energy displayed by millions of Kakampinks and the results of the recently concluded national election, that we in the Pink Movement, organized as a party, can effectively reform Philippine political culture from within, help to integrate Kakampink values and ideals in government bodies and institutions and serve as a transformative force to reckon with in future local, general and national elections.

We, therefore, petition you to give your assent or imprimatur to the formation of such a political party so that the process of inviting and formally registering party members can begin in earnest.

We commit to recruit and add to our ranks party members from all corners of the country and establish chapters in all legislative districts, and thus, truly become a national party.

As for the name of the party, we are able to suggest a few: Gobyernong Tapat Party, Kulay Rosas ang Bukas Party, Tapat na Pamamahala Party, and Pink Movement Party; however, we will defer to your wishes in this regard.

It is our desire that both of you will be the titular heads of the new political party for as long as you wish, or until you decide to relinquish your leadership roles and open the party to a national leadership contest.

We look forward to your favorable assent to this Petition at the earliest possible opportunity.

June 1, 2022

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