Liberal bigwigs rally around colleague Virginia Bremner


“Shameful, shocking, blatant racism”

After Virginia Bremner tweeted @Virginia Bremner how she was treated  by her NDP opponent Don Davies, a number of Liberal candidates  tweeted back their support including former cabinet ministers.

Bremner mets former Prime Minister and Liberal leader Justin Trudeau in the campaign trail. (Facebook)

Bremner tweeted @DonDavies :”Today Don Davies said that because I am a Filipina-Canadian woman running in federal politics that I am being exploited. Let me be clear: Don Davies is wrong and I vehemently reject what he said. I am a strong, capable, and proud Filipina ready to represent Vancouver-Kingsway.

“To claim that I lack agency to make my own decisions is sexist, racist, and rife with white privilege. It is an insult to me and all women and women of colour in politics.
I believe in positive politics. It is a shame that Don Davies, who claims he is a progressive ally, has chosen this divisive and cynical route.
Women of colour deserve to partake in the political process without having their agency and ability to make their own decisions questioned.”
See my full statement at Link in Bio.
Sukh Dhaliwal

Sukh Dhaliwal who is running in Surrey-Newton, called Davies’ actions ” shameful shocking blatant racism” while  former Minister of Digital Government Joyce Murray of Quadra, said:  “Virginia keep going, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

Harjit Sajjan

Harjit Sajjan, former Minister of Defense (Vancouver South): “The uphill battle for people of colour – especially women to occupy Canadian institutions never stops. – You got this.”

Dr. Hedy FryDr. Hedy Fry: (Vancouver Centre): “Hey @virginiabremner, don’t let the NDP anyone call you a 2nd rate or a token Canadian. You are a Liberal candidate, we think your voice matters, we think you belong #diversityisourstrength. You go girl! You roar!”
Patty Hadju

Patty Hadju , former Minister of Health (Thunder Bay – Superior North) “Viewpoints such as these are why women still have to fight to have their autonomy recognized. Don Davies comments are condescending and objectifying. Virginia you have our back.”

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