Rimbao likes a challenge


By Staff

Born and raised in Montreal, Mario Rimbao is running in the October 19 federal election in Mount Royal, a riding in the city that has been held by Liberals since 1945.

Mount Royal’s former MPs include the late former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, father of Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau.

“I’m the underdog, without a doubt, but I always like a challenge,” Rimbao said in an interview with The Senior Times, a local paper.

Rimbao, who was born to Filipino immigrant parents, works in the shipping industry, setting schedules for cargo ships. His wife Roanne is a registered nurse. They have a young daughter.

According to his campaign website, the NDP candidate has been a long-time coach in the Philippine Basketball Association of Montreal, providing him an opportunity to connect with the youth.

The 36-year-old is a relative unknown in the politics, but he is not deterred, telling The Senior Times: “
I have to introduce myself to the people, but everyone started somewhere.“

“One thing I’m good at throughout my life is dealing with people, touching their emotions, their passions, issues and problems,“ Rimbao also told the paper. “I understand people, I grew up around different nationalities and backgrounds, and I know how to deal with all of them. I don’t have the celebrity status or the experience politically, but I know how people feel and think.”

The Senior Times noted that Filipinos comprise about 10 percent in the riding.