Mark Masongsong speaks at SFU on April 18th

Mark Masongsongat the White House


Vancouver, B.C.

Mark Masongsong speaks on big data

By Ted Alcuitas

At a time when Facebook and the problems of collecting and sharing data is very much in the news, Simon Fraser University (SFU) brings together data visionaries to explore its impacts of big data.

Mark Masongsong will speak on how government harnessing of big data can provide opportunities for public good.

His talk on From Big Data to Smarter Government will be this Wednesday, April 18 at 11:30-12:30 PM, SFU’s Segal Bldg. Rms. 1300-1500. The event is free.

The CEO and Co-Founder of UrbanLogiq , an modern data analytics company that provides community intelligence for governments, Masongsong rose from the ranks of political work to software entrepreneur. political aide to two BC Ministers of Health and as a political consultant at federal, provincial and municipal levels. I’ve also served on the boards of non-profits

He co-founded Basilica Software Corporation with his father, Manny Masongsong in 2007.

He earned his degree in Arts & Political Science from Simon Fraser University in 2005.

A sought-after speaker Masongsong has spoken at the White House, World Bank, State Department and Harvard Smart Cities Accelerator on the future of smart cities and analytics.

“I noticed that this issue of siloed data was in stark contrast to friends who were working in the tech startup community,” Mark told New Ventures BC in an interview.

 “We created UrbanLogiq with the mission of bringing the best of the world of tech innovation to the neglected needs of public servants,” he says.

The platform is currently in use with customers that include the City of San Francisco, the City of Richmond, and the City of Surrey. In addition to improving overall city planning needs, the team has leveraged time spent within city halls across North America to gain an intimate understanding of cities’ specific use cases.

About UrbanLogiq


Mark Masongsong is the CEO and Co-Founder of UrbanLogiq, a data analytics platform for urban planners and municipal governments. With a decade in government and politics, he has been a featured speaker on the future of smart cities and analytics at the White House, World Bank, State Department and Harvard Smart Cities Accelerator. Mark also serves as a director humanitarian and environmental non-profits and was awarded the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal.

Arvinder Singh Kang, CTO, is a co-founder in an information technology and web design firm, co-founded a bilingual webzine and worked both in the IT departments for American and Canadian universities. He was a senior instructor at Canada’s largest coding bootcamp and completed a Yale University management and leadership program. He has a MS from the University of Mississippi.

Herman Chandi, COO and co-founder, is a Chartered Professional Accountant and was previously VP of Business Development at a Silicon Valley financed cloud-based start-up when it went from zero in revenue to over $1 million recurring revenue. He has served as a director to an international social finance charity and has volunteered on numerous political campaigns.

Arun Dawit, Co-Founder, has an MBA and has served as a communications director for multiple political campaigns, later launching his own communications consulting firm. He has worked as a consultant to real estate developers, helping marshal proposals through city permit, engineering and zoning processes.

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