Missing Person: Mystery surrounds missing Filipina in Ontario


Zenia Tomilas Munda from Tabuk, Kalinga has no contact with family

and relatives in the Philippines since 2012

Mildred German

Another photo of missing Zenia Tomilas Munda provided by relatives.

The concerned family in the Philippines of Zenia Tomilas Munda is searching for their missing kin who has lost contact with them since 2012. According to the family, Zenia came to Canada in 2006.

“Her first work was in [the] Mississauga area. By 2012, her last identified workplace was in [the] Bathurst area,” Frederick Tomilas Munda, brother of Zenia, shared.

Zenia was born October 27,1968 in Tabuk, Kalinga, Philippines. 2021 would be her 53rd birthday.

Instead, a Facebook post in search of Zenia Tomilas Munda was posted on October 28, 2021 by her sister, Omega, with the plea, “Please help share this call around. To those who may have crossed paths with her or happen to see her we would appreciate it very much if you can provide helpful information that we may be able to establish contact with her.”

Munda’s last known apartment address is at 34 Belgravia Avenue, Toronto, Ontario and has no relatives or next-of-kin in Canada.

“We’ve already filed for a missing person’s report with the Toronto Police. They’ve started with a “well-being” check in the last place of my sister’s identified residence,” according to Frederick.

In addition to starting the police report filing, the Munda family shared that they are preparing the necessary documents to communicate with the Philippine consular office. As a government institution, the Philippine consulate shall be able to provide services to Filipino nationals and help families and relatives in distress of finding their missing kins on foreign lands.

According to the last chat with Frederick, he said that he  “got a text message from the Consular office there directing me to formally seek help from the DFA (Dept. of Foreign Affairs) here so that it will be referred to them. “That’s the only time they can officially act on the matter,” he says by Messenger.

Community groups, advocates, and members are encouraged to keep an eye for the missing Zenia Tomilas Munda and to spread the word in search for the missing Filipina woman.

Meanwhile, Indigenous activist, Billie Pierre, also reposted the post in the No More Stolen Sisters page and the Keep Our Sisters Safe page on Facebook. The purpose of these social media group pages is to raise awareness on the missing and murdered women and children in Canada, and to keep women aware of the potential threats going on in our neighborhoods.

If found or any information, please contact Zenia’s brother Frederick, via email fredmunda@yahoo.ca, or FB Messenger under the name Frederick Tomilas Munda. 

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