Pasalamat: Crisanta Sampang is back

The couple Crisanta Sampang and Daniel  Wood expresses thanks for the support. (GoFundMe photo)

Vancouver, B.C.

Daniel Wood sent email of thanks today:




Almost a month ago Crisanta and I found ourselves caught in a  terrible Catch-22.  Her heart attacked required open-heart  surgery in the Philippines, where she’d been briefly visiting. But without travel insurance, the costs there were astronomical.  But without an operation, she wasn’t permitted to fly home. Catch-22. So myself and Crisanta’s boss employed MedEvac Canada to do a doctor-assisted evacuation from Manila to Vancouver, basically doing an end-run around the rules.  It worked.  Crisanta is home here in Vancouver, resting and recovering, and undergoing assessment for what lies ahead. For those of you who don’t know her, Crisanta is one of B.C.’s best known advocates for Filipino women who have — in the past — often been taken advantage of and poorly paid as nannies.  In many cases, perhaps most, these Filipino women — eight million in all worldwide — have traded motherhood for money, choosing to work overseas in order to provide their children back home with a better future. Crisanta’s book on this topic was a best-seller. She and I want to thank each one of you for coming to our assistance during this crisis. Sometimes it is easy to forget that in our urban, busy, often disconnected world, friends and strangers appear and remind us that we’re all part of a global community that can arise at an urgent moment.  Thank you.


Daniel Wood

Crisanta Sampang


Friends seek help for stricken Crisanta Sampang

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