Poet laments closing of Chilean Corner in Winnipeg

The Chilean Corner

Levy Abad, June 22, 2016
Written in the BMC

What a sad day indeed that the place is closing
The empanada’s taste remind of Chile’s history
The picante remind me of its sons and daughters struggle to be free
Reminds me of Salvador Allende Gossens
Martyred for dreaming to build a better world

The lessons that I learned from the drops of his blood in books read
His last stand in the palace
I recall all this while listening to Bro. Idrissa basking and singing Marley
In the midst of a crowd who never cares.
“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery
None but ourselves can free our minds.”

Why do you weep over the closing of the Chilean Corner?
“Is it for the sake of a “new vision” of The Forks?”
The lady who owns Human Bean asked.
And will this new vision care about the contribution of a small community?
Salvador Allende or “Chilean corner” can be sacrificed on the altar of profit anyway.
So who knows of the history or ideas that shape this little space?
Or the number of exiles who healed their wounded hearts sitting on its chairs?

Thoughts of Victor Jara run through my mind
While humming, Tumindig ka or Levantate!
When will it close or where will it move?
The taste of the empanada I remember again
And the pebre linger on and on and on

I remember my Chilean compañeros Pablo, Jaime, Pedro, Vito
Where will they meet and remember their motherland and its martyrs
When the piece of their soul is gone?
All those Sundays, moments, the laughter and the tears
Through the years of communing with the spirits of the past is no more
All because the children of Milton Friedman says so.

Note: Tumindig Ka is the Tagalog translation of Levantate.

Posted by Levy Abad at 5:04 PM

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