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Quermeltio ‘Meling’ Alcuitas

July 25, 1932 – August 10, 2018 (Photo Provided)


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By Ted Alcuitas

On Friday, August 10, 2018, Quermelito ‘Meling’ Alcuitas died peacefully in his home at Inayagan, Naga City, Cebu surrounded by his family. He was 86 years old.

Quermelito was the only son of Patricio Alcuitas of Carcar and Aurelia Alcoseba Hallasco of Quinogitan, Misamis Oriental. Patricio ‘Papa Titong’ was the elder brother of Ruperto Alcuitas, Mamerta Alcoseba and Adela Moreno.

He studied law at the University of the Visayas in Cebu City but did not take the bar examinations. He helped his father run the family farm in what is now Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte in Mindanao. Later,he moved back to Cebu City and worked for Architect Artemio Alcoseba as the field supervisor of his building projects until his retirement to Inayagan.

Meling was well-liked by his peers in Carcar where he always visited in his iconic motorbike.

In my growing up years, I looked up to him as my favourite older brother more than just a cousin. I spent a summer in the farm in Lanao with another cousin, Jesus ‘Trudon’ Alcoseba. It was one of my most memorable boyhood and summer where I learned to tend to the carabao- the farm animal. My uncle also had a bakery and we had to help in the preparations and baking. I loved the smell of the freshly baked bread inside a crude stone oven.

Most of all, I remember the excitement  of a young boy going into the heart of the virgin forests of Mindanao when Meling would bring us along hunting for wild monkeys. (I wouldn’t do it nor approve of it now).

Meling was predeceased by his parents and wife Leonila Abastas and a son. He is survived by son Allan, daughter Aida in the Philippines and daughter Aileen in Vancouver, B.C. and a half-sister Luzvisminda ‘Baby’ Alcuitas-Capitan  and husband ‘Dado’ Capitan in Mactan , Cebu. (Patricio remarried to Enar Barcenilla of Carcar).

He will be missed by the many relatives in Carcar City, Cebu City and Mindanao as well as in Canada and the U.S. including the Alcosebas, Pugoys, Aldaves and Quijanos.

He will be buried in the Alcuitas Family Mausoleum in Carcar City on Wednesday, August 15, 2018.

For info: Aida Alcuitas. Tel. 019-56-839-3491.

St. Peter’s Funeral Home in charge of funeral arrangements.



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