Simone Tecson defends her gold medal in Japan

Simone Tecson. will head to Japan this December to defend her Canadian gold medal in karate. (Screen grab)

Vancouver, B.C.

Defending Gold in Japan’s International Karate Competition 

 Mildred German

Vancouver, BC –  A 16 year -old Filipina in Vancouver, BC is the defending champion after winning the Gold title representing Canada in December 2018 in an international competition held in Japan called the IKO Nakamura Friendship Karate Championships.

Simone Tecson will be defending the title again in Japan in the same competition on December 9, 2019.

“It got lot more rigorous and intense since the last tournament. And I have local tournaments upcoming too before the big tournament in Japan ,” Tecson said when asked about her training.

A video of her training is featured in the She will be competing in the Seiyu Karate Fall Kumite Tournament in September 2019. 

The Grade 11 student at Sir Winston Secondary School is not only a karate enthusiast but also plays the alto and tenor saxophone. Physics, Math and English are her favourite classes. She also takes Film Program as part of her IB Program, and finds “Lala Land” film interesting, “It interests me how they can invoke certain emotions like a dream through film”.

Born in the Philippines, she is currently on her first year of International Baccalaureate Programme, which is an international education programme described by Time Magazine on the edition “How to bring our schools out of the 20th Century” published on December 18, 2006, as “a rigorous, off-the-shelf curriculum recognized by universities around the world”. Tecson was formerly a student of Britannia Secondary School where she took her IB foundations.

At school, Tecson has been heavily involved in school clubs, sports, heritage, and science fairs. In 2015, she was awarded TOP UELAC Vancouver Branch Award Winners 2015-Vancouver District. She has won champion in every science fairs competitions she joined in since Grade 8. She also served on Britannia Secondary School’s student council from Grade 8 to 10, as well as on the Vancouver District Student Council. One of the campaigns she was involved in was Save Britannia during the time Britannia Secondary School and other Vancouver schools were targeted for closure.

Tecson receives her certificate with the other two champions . (Provided)

As an avid fan of sports, Tecson has tried variety of sports and participated in many competitions. In the present, Tecson trains seriously outside of school at her karate dojo, Vancouver Seiyu Karate.  She has trained seriously for Karate fighting competitions and has competed in many tournaments locally in the Lower Mainland and the international competition in Japan representing Team Canada.

She loves dogs and is aspiring writer.

(Mildred German (b. Philippines) is a programmer with 100.5 FM CFRO Vancouver Coop Radio and currently co-hosts radio shows “She-Boom!” and “Pinoy Rainbow on Jeepney Café”. In the past, she co-hosted  the “Tinig  ng  Masa” radio program.  German is also a contributor and Board Member of Media Coop. She is inquisitive about many things and likes to read a lot.)

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