Why is Tom Mulcair and Arroyo in neckbraces?

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair in neckbrace in this Beaverton.com meme
NDP Leader Tom Mulcair in neckbrace in this Beaverton.com meme

This week’s ‘elbowgate’ incident in Canada’s parliament spawned a plethora of memes including the website Beaverton.com which posted an article claiming that the whole NDP caucus arrived in Parliament the following day in neckbraces and wheelchairs.

The Beaverton is a news satire and parody publication and its stories are fictitious.

The post was obviously a spoof on the NDP’s claim that the PM intentionally elbowed one of their colleagues, an act which they loudly claimed as unbecoming of a Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in typical Canadian fashion promptly issued not only one apology but six!

Which brings us to the former Philippine President and now Pampanga congresswoman,
Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Arroyo has been on trial since 2012 for a plunder case over the alleged misuse of over P365 million in confidential Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) funds during her stint as president.

She has been on hospital arrest due to an alleged neck problem.

She run unopposed for a third and last term in the recent May 9, 2016 election.



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