Workers to picket Trump Towers March 16

Vancouver, B.C.

Press Release

UNITE HERE! Local 40 calls for a picket of Trump Hotel Vancouver!

Gather with Local 40 Hotel and Food Service Workers, along with community allies on March 16th to stand up to racism, sexism, hate, and ongoing attacks on immigrant workers and families!

In cities across North America, members of UNITE HERE have not only taken on Trump as an employer, but are also protesting against his political policies.

Members of our union have participated in women’s marches, demonstrations against the anti-Muslim travel ban, and other protests in solidarity with people under attack by Trump’s policies.

Join us in solidarity with the many brothers and sisters fighting back against attacks in their workplaces, homes and communities!

Where: Trump Hotel Vancouver – 1161 W Georgia St
When: March 16th – 5:00pm

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