Young Pinays receive Citizenship awards

Burnaby Mayor Derrick Corrigan presents certificate to Maya Lorena Arradaza at presentation ceremonies at council chambers, May 7. (  photo)

Burnaby, B.C.

Arradaza, Sugue honoured  by Burnaby City Council

By Ted Alcuitas

Maya Lorena Arradaza, a Grade 11 student from Byrne Creek Community School and  Andrea Sugue of Burnaby South Secondary were among 15 youths recently recognized for their contribution to the community.

The two were awarded the Youth Citizenship Award as part of Youth Week in Burnaby where young people were recognized for their important contribution.  Among the criteria for the awards, given annually, is that the youths have to show a “positive attitude and demonstrate qualities such as initiative, enthusiasm and commitment – and who may have overcome adversity.”


Burnaby youth awardees with Mayor Derrick Corrigan. ( photo)


Arradaza, a third generation Filipino-Canadian, has been a consistent top student at her school where she volunteers her time and skills in various organizations.

She has been the lead organizer for the Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) which aims to encourage LGTB-Queer students to participate in Vancouver’s annual  Pride Parade.

Arradaza was involved in the schools ‘Save the Sharks’ campaign which worked against the harvesting of shark fins to make into soups. She spoke at the Burnaby City Council for the banning of shark fins.

Recently, Arradaza took part in the theatre presentation of the Theatre for the Oppressed, an inter-active theatre that explores ways of combating racism in the community.





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