Blog: Heritage Asian Eatery

By Monica Urrutia

Hearty Eats at Heritage Asian Eatery

When attending meetings in Downtown Vancouver, choosing spots near hotels can sometimes be a crap shoot. Luckily for me, Heritage Asian Eatery was a good bet!

I had a shorter than expected lunch, but the time crunch was no problem for this spot, despite the place being about two-thirds full. The menu is simple and fairly straight forward offering rice bowls or baos with a variety of options and some sides, too.

I thoroughly enjoyed the chicken rice bowl. It was a texture tornado for me. The crunch came from two sources, the fried chicken and the stick ‘crisps’ that are similar to Pin-Nik sticks that are very popular in the Philippines. The chicken, which included a drumstick and a thigh, was fairly flavourful and not overly salty. The yuzu slaw provided crisp veggies and refreshed the palate between the flavour bites. The wood ear mushrooms were chewy without being rubbery with just enough bite to them to add to the earthiness of the dish. What brought all the flavours together was the saltiness of the marinated egg. The yolk had a gooeyness that provided a vehicle for some of the crunchier bites of the dish. Underneath all of the texture was a generous portion of white rice, perfectly cooked which filled me to the brim.

The atmosphere was relaxed and easy, but most importantly service was fast! I dined in and was in and out within thirty minutes and enjoyed a hearty meal for under $15. This makes my mmmmura scale given the size, quickness, and quality of the meal.



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