This is the real King Crab!

Bayan Mo, Ipatrol Mo’s Rowena Caranza-Paraan in front of ‘Alimango’ mountain.


Alimango Festival

The Alimango Festival is an annual celebration in the town of Lala in Lanao del Norte.

Residents of Lanao del Norte and neighboring areas, including stakeholders of the local fishing industry, trooped to this town to witness and participate in the celebration.

Visitors and curious traders from other areas in the region had the opportunity to taste the “alimango” or crab that is abundant in the seven coastal barangays (villages) of this town fronting the Panguil Bay.

Lala is the number one producer of  the local species of Alimango in the province.

The Alimango Street Dance Contest, consisting of a package of native and indigenous costumes and dances depicts and promotes local cultures and traditions, and alimango-inspired motifs of the Ati-Atihan dances during the parade.

The crab became a symbol of unity among Christians, Lumad community, and Muslims who are living in harmony and prosperity with one another in the 27 villages of this town.

It is also a symbol of economic development as more people in various communities developed sustainable livelihood and agricultural practices.

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