Filipino-Canadians celebrate Leni Robredo’s birthday

Toronto,Winnipeg and Vancouver held big rallies

Updated: April 26, 2022, 9:00 P.M.

Supporters of the Leni-Kiko team held successful and well-attendd events to celebrate Leni Robredo’s 57th birthday. In Canada’s largest city, Toronto, where the most number of Filipinos reside, the ralllysts  dwarfed a rally by Marcos supporters held on the same day. While hundreds throng to Bales Park to show their support of Robredo a few Marcos supporters held their own event.

In Winnipeg, supporters gathered at the Valour Community Centre for food, music and fun on April 23. Sooo much fun that Dante Aviso had a dream the following night. Here is Dante’s post:

“Last night I dreamed of VP Leni who came to my house ( of course I was ecstatic)
and asked me to take her to the Valour Community Centre ( Winnipeg) where we had our birthday celebration for her. As we were near the door of the centre, I tried to show her the video of the birthday events sa phone ko but I could not play it. I was so disappointed but she just smiled back . End of my dream.
I hope and pray hard that something good will come out from my dream.”
Photo credit: Alex Canlapan
Dante Aviso, lead organizer in Manitoba waves Philippine flag as part of the ceremonies. ((Photo: Alex Canlapan)

Meanwhile in Vancouver, B.C. the Leni-Kiko supporters held their Kalikasan, Klima, Kalusugan at the Sunrise Community Hall on April 24.

All photos: Tess Carillo

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