“…thank you. For choosing humanity over carnage “

Inday Espina-Varona shared Mark Z. Saludes’s post
32 mins ·, July 23, 2016, FB

Mark Z. Saludes, thank you. For choosing humanity over carnage and thus, highlighting what the latter does to us.

But greater thanks for training the lens back at yourself and photojournalism. The spareness of your words, the anguish in the face of tough choices… thank you. I will not add any word to this.

“I posted this particular picture than hundreds of the other photos from last night’s coverage because I still believe in humanity and that this photo will let us see the humanity behind every tragic event such as this.
Human’s dignity and right to life is paramount.
As a photojournalist, I was helpless and torn between helping a grieving person and doing my job. 
I cannot do anything but to capture the emotions that also struck me hard while taking this photograph. 
So hard that until now, I can still hear her voice begging us to stop shooting and help her husband.

© Mark Z. Saludes
Tokwa Collective
UCANews Philippines

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