Breaking: Filipinos fail to win seats in Parliament

Jaeden Dela Torre and Mae J.  Nam, both of the NDP failed to win  in yesterday’s  federal election. (PCN.Com composite)

UPDATED: October 22, 2019, 8;00 PM


Hindi nagwagi ang mga Filipino politicians


By Ted Alcuitas

Mae J. Nam, Jaeden Dela Torre and Henry Hizon all failed their first attempt to win seats in yesterday’s federal election, closing the door to Parliament since Dr. Rey Pagtakhan of Winnipeg first won a seat in 1988 until his defeat in the 2004.

Labour lawyer NDP Mae J. Nam came second with 11,964 votes (21.3%) to incumbent Liberal Nathaniel Erkskine- Smith’s 32,168 votes (57.2 %).

The NDP’s Nam told The Star she knocked every day during the campaign, only taking a rest for a few days after she fell down some stairs while canvassing, spraining her ankle. She said voters told her they “really want change and were really disappointed” with the Trudeau government’s broken promises.

“The other issue I hear over and over again is how challenging and expensive life is for people … seniors can’t afford hearing aids … families are really struggling with rent and child care,” she said.

Nam, who is a lawyer, grew up poor and said she is able to understand what people are going through.

“At the door, we ask people, do they feel more hopeful for the future than they did four years ago,” when the Liberals were elected, she said.


Mainam! Lawyer seeks seat in Beaches-East York

Jaeden Dela Torre, the youngest of the three, finished a far third with 6,167 votes (15 per cent) to Conservative Kenny Chiu’s 17,193. Incumbent Liberal Joe Pescholido finished second with 14,397 votes (35 per cent).

“The narrative of strategic voting probably got to people,” Dela Torre told Richmond News.  “I don’t blame them for being scared, ” he added.
Dela Torre, nevertheless, was skeptical of the Liberals, who, with 156 seats, are in a minority government position.

Conservatives, he said, say what they plan to do, but “Liberals will say one thing, then get into government and back off.”

Dela Torre said he’d like to see more youth involved in running for office, getting the youth voice heard.

“In the end, it’s going to be our future that we’re fighting for,” he said.

For him, the most important policy to focus on is the environment.

“We need to get serious about the environment, otherwise there will be nothing left for us,” he said.

Dela Torre said he focused his campaigning on social media, eschewing campaign signs, Burma shaving and other traditional campaign methods.


Henry Hizon

Henry Hizon of the fringe party Christian Heritage Party was no match to long-time incumbent Liberal Kevin Lamoureux who has held the seat since 2011.

Hizon had 268 votes (0.9%) to Lamoureux ‘s 14,867 votes (47.2%). The NDP came second with 8,221 votes (26.1 %).                .

Despite a controversy weeks before the election over posting a picture with Duterte in his ad, Lamoureux still managed keep his seat.

MP Kevin Lamoureux poses for a photo with Rodrigo Duterte, the president of the Philippines widely seen as a dictator. The photo, which dates from Duterte’s time as mayor of Davao, is being used in a Lamoureux election ad.
– for Ryan Thorpe story / Winnipeg Free Press 2019

South Asian politicians dominate 

While Filipinos still have no representation in Parliament, there are 18 South Asian Member of Parliament elected:

Liberal Party:
1.Harjit Sajjan (Vancouver South, BC)
2. Randeep Singh Sarai (Surrey Center, BC)
3. Sukh Dhaliwal (Surrey Newton, BC)
4. Navdeep Singh Bains (Mississauga, Malton, Ontario)
5. Gagan Sikand (MIssissauga-STreetsville, Ontario)
6. Rameshwar Singh Sangha (Brampton Center, Ontario)
7. Maninder Singh Sidhu (Brampton East, Ontario)
8. Kamal Khera (Brampton West, Ontario)
9. Ruby Sahota (Brampton North, Ontario)
10. Sonia Sidhu (Sonia Sidhu)
11. Bardish Chagger (Waterloo, Ontario)
13. Raj Saini (Kitchener Center, Ontario)

Jagmeet Singh (Burnaby South)

Conservative Party:
1. Tim Singh Uppal (Edmonton-Millwoods, Alberta)
2. Jasraj Singh Hallan (Calgary McCall, Alberta)
3. Jag Sahota (Calgary Skyview, Alberta)
4. Bob Saroya (Markhan Unionville)

(Source Daily Sikh Updates)



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