For the past election years, I have voted NPA. I believed in the NPA platform and agenda. But now, I have lost all respect for the NPA and question their agenda after I found out that they are allowing self-professed community leader Jojo Quimpo to run for Vancouver Councillor despite warnings about Quimpo’s issues within the community.

Previously, Jojo Quimpo ran as a Conservative Member of Parliament for Vancouver Kingsway but lost to Don Davies. During his run as a Conservative candidate, he failed to attend multiple debates which prompted Don Davies to say, “It is a shame that the Conservative candidate failed to appear AGAIN (hence the empty chair) – so far, he has failed to appear at any of the 3 debates he was invited to.” Davies adds, “In my view, any candidate who refuses to present himself or herself to the voters to answer their questions is unworthy of their support.”

During that time I asked him on his public Conservative Facebook wall what his stance was on Cyber-Bullying. Jojo Quimpo’s response was deleting my questions from his Facebook page and then blocking me from asking any further questions.

Why would Jojo Quimpo go into politics if he will not answer questions? I’ve noticed that Jojo Quimpo and his followers have a habit of simply dismissing people that ask hard questions. They then refer to them as “neggas”, haters, ignorant, negative detractors or being jealous or having crab mentality.

Jojo Quimpo fails to appear AGAIN to a MP for Vancouver Kingsway debate.

It was also around that time that Jojo Quimpo was accused of padding his credentials. He even changed the title of an award he received from the generic “Most Beautiful Filipinos in Canada 2011” (which is given to a group of different people) to the individualized and more impressive sounding “Most Outstanding Filipino in Canada (2011)”.

Prior to running as a MP candidate, Jojo Quimpo started a Facebook post titled “Hypocrisy annoys me, people need to look into mirrors” which garnered over 115 comments. Members from Jojo Quimpo’s Hirit Team, friends and associates started a cyberbullying thread that eventually named my wife. They laughed at her line of work and means to make a living, calling her a loser, and made homophobic slurs against an individual who was already depressed from attacks and bankruptcy allegedly caused by one of Jojo Quimpo’s closest friends, Janice Lozano and Rocque Juatco Jr.

I expected Jojo Quimpo to stand against Cyber Bullying and immediately take down this facebook page and tell his friends and associates to not involve him in posts like this. But he didn’t. Instead he left it there for 19 or so days before taking it down just in time for Anti-Bullying day. I wonder why it took so long for Jojo Quimpo to finally realize that maybe his own post in itself was Cyber Bullying.

I’ve heard many people ask “what good has Jojo Quimpo actually done for the community?” My answer: I have no idea! And I’ve known him for over 8 years. He likes to boast that he organizes an event called Pinoy Fiesta once a year. However, during the 2011 Pinoy Fiesta, Smile Travel received a bounced check for approximately $12,000 for airline tickets for that year’s entertainment Derek Ramsey. Jojo Quimpo says that Pinoy Buzz was the one that sponsored Derek Ramsey therefore the one who should be responsible for the bounced check. Interestingly enough, Jojo Quimpo was the Executive Producer for the defunct TV show Pinoy Buzz.

NPA Vancouver Council candidate and former Executive Producer of Pinoy Buzz, Jojo Quimpo, with notorious friend and Pinoy Buzz TV Host Janice Lozano.

The NPA knows all about these issues about Jojo Quimpo. I told them about it. My question is: why would the NPA allow someone like Jojo Quimpo to run for Vancouver Council? Are they so desperately using the Filipino community for membership that they would risk putting someone like Jojo Quimpo on their ballot?

The NPA’s website slogan is “The change Vancouver needs.” Well, based on their vetting and judgement of Jojo Quimpo, I have serious doubts about ALL their city candidates. I agree that Vancouver may need a change, but the current NPA team is not a change that I would ever vote for.