Food: The busy foodie tries Myst Asian Fusion

Myst Asian Fusion is at 6400 Kingsway #2, Burnaby

Vancouver, B.C.

Need more mouthfuls at Myst

by whatsinmymouth

Monica Urrutia

After a short hiatus, it is nice to be hitting the foodie scene again. I’ve been wanting to go to Myst Asian Fusion for months and finally got my chance a few days ago.

Upon arrival for dinner, we were seated immediately. The menu is a bit overwhelming. Great photos of almost everything they offer, but it takes a bit of patience going through each page as a first time customer. The fusion fulfilled its promise by offering a wide variety of items not normally served as regular dishes, allowing us to try some new things. Service was quite quick and attentive.

D. had us try the fried pork intestine in chilli pepper. It had a great batter and crunch to it. Inside the pork was still buttery soft in texture. The chilli did not hit unless you bit into it or its seeds when you ate the pork, but the heat was there when you wanted it. I also liked the presentation. The dish had pops of colour. I am a sucker for miniature things and the mini wok was cute.

I chose the golden shrimp paste rolls. From its appearance, I had expected it to be crunchy but on the contrary, it was soft and a bit chewy to bite into. Unfortunately, there was no standout zing or flavour. Even the dipping sauce was a letdown, with its taste just slightly off from regular ketchup. I tried the pickled cucumber, which was the third strike for the dish. They had no real flavour and were warm on top of it.

We had the House Special fried rice, something more familiar for the kiddo, which he ate up. We also had the fried mix vegetables, which D. and I enjoyed (yes I do eat veggies even when there is no meat in the dish.) Both the rice and the veggies were on par with other Asian restaurants.

Overall we enjoyed the meal, it was just a bit pricey for the portions. While you can order either small or large in all of the dishes we tried except for the rice, the cost for the small size seems a bit much for what we got. The four dishes cost us over $40 before taxes and tip. We only had rice and a bit of the pork leftover and the three of us were not big eaters that night. Still, the numerous offerings in their menu may tempt me enough to return, I’ll just know to keep the portion size in mind ahead of time.

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  1. Flashy from the outside, food is mediocre and drinks are only fancy because of the dry ice effect but nothing outstanding when it comes to the taste and price

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