Food: El Furniture Warehouse in Whistler is where to find cheap food

Warehouse in Whistler is where to eat (fo cheap)

By Monica Urrutia

What’s in my mouth

Thanks to H. for suggesting we try El Furniture Warehouse for cheap eats in Whistler.

Boasting a $5.95/item menu, there was no surprise that the lunch wait was long. I believe we waited between 20-35 minutes for a party of 8, plus a kiddo. However, if you have the time and a large group, some items can be worth your while. Additionally, if you are a small group and don’t mind sitting at a bar table, you can be seated much faster.

While I would say the set-up and decor were average, I did like the outdoor picnic/bench seating which allowed for our large group to sit comfortably even with a stroller in tow. R&B music was pumping, with some contemporary hits, but mostly 90’s songs which I love.

Being from such a large group provided me with an opportunity to see or taste several items first hand. The menu is organized into starters, salads, “between bread” – namely burgers and sandwiches, “big bowl” – a mac ‘n cheese dish, and sweets. We ordered a variety of dishes including fingers and fries, crispy calamari, Union Street noodle salad, the mushroom Swiss burger and the smokey BBQ burger. The wait, after ordering, was again average, but they did not serve the entire group their dishes at the same time.

In my opinion, out of everything we ordered, the Union Street noodle salad was the most for the money. My apologies for the lack of pics but it was a large bowl and the suey choi, pea shoots, avocado, toasted almonds, and cucumber kept the dish light and refreshing. The chow mein noodles and the marinated chicken gave it substance. The tamari soy sesame ginger dressing and the spice on the chicken gave the bowl some depth, but almost overwhelmed the dish with the clash in flavours. I found the need to have my palate rest every few bites with either french fries or water. However, for the price, I was definitely full by the end.

Mid-range for the money were the burgers. They were well assembled, with fresh veggies and a good patty. They were just smaller than the average burger and came with one side.

Out of everything we ordered I think the calamari is the worst end of the $5.95 deal. Albeit, it is listed under starters, it was definitely a small dish and would not make a complete lunch. Folks who ate it ended up pairing it with an order of mac ‘n cheese to fill them up.

The deal-killers are definitely the add-ons and the drinks. Extra money for hot sauce, for changing some sides, and ordering pop add up. But all around, if you stuck to one of the more filling items, stayed away from add-ons, and had cold water, you are laughing all the way to the bank and fuelled up for the rest of your day.

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