Lawyer Fay Faraday calls for action for migrant workers

Vancouver, B.C.

Noted lawyer speaks at Migrante Gala

By Ted Alcuitas

Noted constitutional and human rights lawyer Fay Faraday will speak at the Migrante B. C. gala fund-raising dinner on Friday, March 18 at the Holiday Inn on Broadway.

The Toronto-based lawyer will speak on “Moving Forward Together: Building Migrant Worker Security” to critically assess the current state of Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

The 1993 Gold Medallist at the Osgoode Hall Law School authored and co-authored several books on inequality rights and is best known for her report – Made in Canada:  How the Law Constructs Migrant Workers’ Insecurity, published by the Metcalf Foundation in 2012.

The report generated wide media coverage but its recommendations still remain unimplemented.

Faraday is expected to issue a call for action and solidarity at the dinner hosted by Migrante BC.

Works of Vancouver-based artist Bert Monterona will be auctioned at the dinner. Proceeds will help the work of Migrante BC, a member of the newly formed coalition of migrants and workers’ groups , Coalition for Migrant Workers Rights-Canada (CMWRC). CMWRC has launched a campaign calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to be true to his campaign promises to make real change to migrant worker’s policies.

One of Monterona's work to be auctioned - Monterona's Migrant Rights are Human Rights.
One of Monterona’s work to be auctioned – Migrant Rights are Human Rights.

Tickets at $60 each (with dinner); Table of 8 at $450
For tickets, contact 604.879.5850/
For cheque payments, please make out to “Migrante BC” and can be mailed to  4794 Fraser St. Vancouver V5V 4H3, Attn: Jane Ordinary

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