Shishir Inocalla tours world for ‘arnis’

British Columbia

Arnis grandmaster Shishir Inocalla in Vancouver for world tour

By Ted Alcuitas

The original Filipino Ninja Turtle, Shisher Inocalla, will be in B.C. as part of his world tour to promote ‘arnis’, the Philippines’ national martial art and sport. He arrives in Vancouver on May 30 and will be in the following locations:

June 15th – Chiliwack , June 17,18,19 – Powell River, and June 24 , 25 with the Richmond New Era Athletics hosting the event.

He will be in Michigan on June 4 and Philadelphia in June 5. From July 13-15, he will be in Brazil with brother Dada Inocalla.

Inocalla was the first of six men named as Datu (meaning a chieftain or leader) by the late Remy Presas, Founder of Modern Arnis. An accomplished martial artist as well as noted actor, his movie credits include Ninja Turtles, Pinoy Boxer, Five Style Fist, Crazy Kung Fu and The Ultimate Fight.

A balisong expert, Inocalla was born in Bicol, Philippines and is the head coach of Arnis Maharlika Filipino Martial Arts World Federation.

He was one of four arnis grandmasters (GM) recognized during the 14th death anniversary commemoration last year of GM Remy Presas, founder of Modern Arnis at the San Juan Multi-purpose Gymnasium in San Juan City.

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  1. Let us join hands to bring arnis fma to a world sports for all. Write to Philippine Pres Rodrigo Duterte to implement Arnis Law RA 9850. Signed into a law since Dec 11 2009. It’ 2016 under new administration. Implement Arnis Law. And be proud to be a Filipino.

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