U.S.: Two Filipinos could die in rush for death row executions

Dead Men walking

“People are worth more than the worst act of their life,”…Human beings can always change. That’s at the core of the Gospel of Life. That is what Jesus taught us.” – Sister Helen Prejean

Teodoro Alcuitas

Editor, Philippine Canadian news.Com

Two Filipino death row prisoners could be executed before the end of the month if the present mad rush by the outgoing Trump administration continues.

The FilAm/inquirer.net identified the two as Sonny Enraca of California and Ralph Simon Jeremias of Nevada.

Quoting mycrimelibrary.com, the FilAm/inquirer.net says Enraca is a Philippine national who had lived in the United States for eight years and was a member of the Akrho Boyz Crazzy (sic) (ABC) gang, an affiliate of the Bloods.News reports state that Sonny Enraca was sentenced to death in Riverside County on July 23, 1999 for the fatal shooting of an actor who had appeared in the “Boyz N the Hood” movie.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Ralph Simon Jeremias was sentenced for the “execution-style” shootings of Paul Stephens and Brian Hudson in 2009.

The two Filipinos are part of a total of 124 foreign nationals currently on death row awaiting execution, according to the latest data from the non-profit Death Penalty Information Center.

The website shows the biggest number of foreigners who have been sentenced to capital punishment are from Mexico with 50 individuals, followed by Cuba and Vietnam with 8 incarcerated nationals each. The rest are nationals from a variety of countries, each with anywhere from 1 to 5 inmates. Countries in the ASEAN region count 4 from Cambodia, 2 each from Laos and the Philippines. 

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