Vancouver Sun on the Philippines’ Duterte

Screen grab. (Vancouver Sun)
Vancouver, B.C.

Douglas Todd: The shadow of Philippines’ strongman hovers over Canadian Catholics

‘He’s a bad talker, but he’s a good doer,’ Vancouver’s Mary-Ann Pasicolan says about Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte.

1 thought on “Vancouver Sun on the Philippines’ Duterte”

  1. Hahaha! Just one point. The writer did not mention one single “thing about Duterte” which may explains “it all”, that is,”the thing that best explains who Duterte is and why he does what he does.”

    Duterte is no ordinary human being.#DuterteIsaPSYCHOPATH, or as the way I write it some times,#DuterteIsaZOOiopath .#DuterteIsPHWirsrPres ,#DuterteIsWorseThanMarcos.

    Pasicolan doesn’t know what she is talking about. Hahaha! No question- Duterte is a bad talker. However, Duterte isn’t a good doer either. In fact, he’s worse as a doer than a talker! He has killed and destroyed thousands of Filipinos. On several occasions, Dutae as many Filipinos would disgustingly call him, admitted to these killings saying for instance ,that “My only sin is extra-judicial killings (EJK). Why don’t his supporters believe that? Hahaha! Is it because he is a PSYCHOPATH?

    Unsolicited advice to Pasicolan. Go back to your faith,, both using whatever spiritual skills and critical thinking’ skills you have acquired in your life time. And the last but not the least,I challenge you for a debate with me. You have not substantiated your claim that Duterte is a good doer! Prove it! And I will prove it other wise! Deal?Thank you.

    Roy Fabros *

    Ted Alcuitas and I are friends. Thank you Ted for this engagement. All the bests

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