Araw ng mga Nanay: Mothers of courage

In the time before Duterte: From left: Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno,  and Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo as ‘Ninangs’ in a wedding 2015. (Photo: Leni Robredo)

Ed’s note:

We repost this edited version.

In these dark times in the Philippines, we pay tribute to our mothers and especially to these three women who stood against a misogynist President Rodrigo Duterte.

Last Black Friday (May 11, 2018) Duterte sacked Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno. A year ago, he imprisoned then Senator Leila de Lima. She is still in prison.

Next to be targeted is Vice-President Leni Robredo who is facing a recount of her votes by her Marcos son and heir-apparent Bongbong Marcos. When Marcos is installed Duterte will have completed his plan to impose dictatorial rule in the Philippines and bring back the Marcoses.

And he just closed ABS-CBN last week.








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