Nagbalimbing: Communists’ Joma Sison flip-flops on Marcos burial

Communists now criticize Marcos burial

By Ted Alcuitas

After defending President Duterte’s approval of the Marcos burial, Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder Jose Maria ‘Joma’ Sison is now criticizing the president’s move saying” it will now have an impact on the talks because of how “Duterte and the Armed Forces of the Philippines are making Marcos a hero and a model.” The government and the CPP is now undergoing peace talks in Norway designed to end the nearly five decades of civil war .


Despite opposition to the burial, the disgraced dictator’s supposed remains were surreptitiously buried at the Heroes Cemetery yesterday (November 18) days after the Supreme Court released its decision on November 8 approving the burial.

Many believe the the body displayed in Batac, Ilocos Norte is a wax figure. In fact, people are wondering why the Marcos coffin was smaller than the usual size.

(see Imee Marcos Facebook page for exclusive photos of the burial)

In an interview with the Inquirer in June just after the May elections, Sison was quoted as saying it is a “nonissue for him and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines if the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos will be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.”

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“Calling it a Libingan ng mga Bayani is a misnomer. It is not going to be an issue that will break peace negotiations between us and Duterte,” the National Democratic Front of the Philippines’ (NDFP) Fidel Agcaoili told Inquirer in June.

Sison told that Marcos is “a traitor, a dictator and proven in court (as a) human rights violator and plunderer.”

Sison initially said that the burial will not affect the peace negotiations between the government and the CPP-National Democratic Front (NDF) since “non-heroes and traitors” have already been buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

Asked by Inquirer about the NDFP’s stance on the issue, spokesperson Fidel Agcaoili backed Sison in not treating the Libingan ng mga Bayani as a hallowed ground for heroes.

He said the controversial issue would not derail the long-stalled peace talks between the NDFP and the Philippine government.

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