Independence – what does it really mean?

By Inday Espina-Varona

Freedom… independence. Big words.

A million people waving the flag will have a million and one different views of what it represents, and what these words mean.

As it should be. Insisting the flag only exists to represent one view mocks everyone who has sacrificed for country and people.

Neither is the flag solely for those who have fought and are still fighting. It is for everyone, including those who watch and wait, those scared of the fight, those who shift from one side to another, for those who do not even know what the fight is all about.

That flag represents us all, the flawed democracy we live in.

Freedom, independence are not static points on a map.

They stand for our never-ending struggle to gather in a dwindling number of shared, interlocking spaces, hammering out unities even as we disagree on any number of views.


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